Engineering Department

Engineering Department


Slingsintt has an homologation service for tools developed by your own. The Slingsintt Engineering team will carry out a complete study on your tools already manufactured to enforce the legislation in force in all areas.

We have extensive experience in the homologation of lifting and transport tools for all types of loads. Our own means allow us to carry out all kinds of non destructive tests on the parts and even load tests of 240Tns.

After this process you will receive all the official documentation and marking of the piece to be able to face audits or inspections of all kinds.

Customized solutions

Our Engineering Department designs and develops hundreds of solutions and lifting devices for all kinds of maneuvers that require the handling of heavy loads.

We are a team of Engineers engaged in offering and designing customized solutions with the highest degree of reliability.

The design process is carried out with 3D systems which allow us to simulate all kinds of movements and situations and the results are verified with extensive FEM calculation studies.

Engineering Department
Designs and develops hundreds of solutions
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Design process with 3D systems
Simulation of movements and extensive FEM calculation studies