General meeting Slingsintt

Last Friday all the members of Slingsintt enjoyed a special day in which we could get away from the daily activity, relax and focus on interpersonal relationships. A day that fulfils its third annual appointment and that is already part of the official calendar of Slingsintt.

Throughout the day all Slingsintt members took the opportunity to get together outside the work environment and strengthen interpersonal relationships through collaboration and teamwork.

The day was spent in the high-performance facilities of the rowing club of Orio, where an unbeatable team of professionals taught us the power of collaboration in high performance sport. In the rowing, as in the company, the synchronization of each of the members of the trainee with their peers, the power of sacrifice and the struggle for a common goal are decisive in the results obtained.

We also took the opportunity to review the general results of the past 2018 and analyze the improvements put in place. In addition, the strategic objectives of the company for the next years have been reviewed and evaluated.

With activities like this Slingsintt strengthens one of its main virtues as a company that is the human potential and the feeling of belonging to a project that in the coming years will continue to grow steadily.